It’s time to spring into electrical safety! When spring cleaning your home, don’t forget to take care of your electrical system as well. Here are some tasks to add to your cleaning list to ensure your home is in tip-top shape.

Inspect Outlets and Test GFCIs

There’s a lot to do during spring cleaning, but don’t forget about the little things, like checking your outlets. Doing these checks will help you catch and repair any damage quickly.

If there are any cracked or damaged face plates, you should replace those when you can. However, if you notice any signs of scorching, it’s best to call in an electrician to check it out. Scorching could indicate a bigger issue and an electrician can determine what exactly is causing it and help fix it.

Ensure you’re testing your GFCI outlets too. The industry standard for changing out GFCIs is 15 years, but lifespan can be affected by heavy usage, incorrect installation, or damage to the electrical system. You want to ensure your GFCIs are in good working order for the safety of you and your home, so during spring cleaning, test each outlet. To test, press down on the “RESET” button. Plug in a lamp or other device. The light or device should be ON. Next, press down on the “TEST” button. This should turn the light OFF. Push the “RESET” button again, and the light should turn back ON. If pushing the “TEST” button didn’t turn the light OFF, your outlet isn’t working correctly, and you should contact an electrician to repair or replace it.

Inspect Extension Cords

If you’re like other homeowners, you likely have a few different extension cords lying around inside and outside your home. Take the time during your spring cleaning to give them all an inspection. They can become worn out and damaged over time, and that damage can lead to safety and fire hazards. If you notice any wear and tear, it’s best to throw it out and get a new one.

Bonus tip: ensure your cords are strategically placed and stored out of the flow of traffic to avoid any accidents.

Replace Lightbulbs

Got flickering or dimming lights? Your lightbulbs need replacing. Not only is replacing these bulbs a smart choice in order to avoid electrical safety issues, but it’s important so you can make sure the replacements are the correct wattage. Using the correct wattage means you avoid damaging your bulb and light fixture. If you notice your bulb burns out quickly, flickers, or is very warm, then you could have the incorrect wattage.

Plan Before You Dig

The warm spring weather might be inspiring you to start a new project in your garden or change out your landscaping. But before you get out there and start digging, make sure to call 811 before you dig. This service will connect you with your utility provider and send a representative to mark your utilities with paint or flags so you don’t accidentally dig into something you shouldn’t. Before you call, just make sure you have the address of where you plan to dig as well as the type of project you’re completing in mind.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly. According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association, in 2021, roughly 2,880 people lost their lives in a house fire, and about 11,500 people were severely injured. Not having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could put you in a dangerous situation. Hold down the “TEST” button to ensure the detector is working properly. If you’ve changed the batteries recently and the detector isn’t working, it’s likely time to get it replaced.

Schedule a Home Inspection

One of the best ways to make sure your home’s electrical system is in good shape is to get a home inspection. A qualified electrician will be able to test areas of your electrical system that you can’t safely test yourself. When they’re done inspecting, they’ll be able to give you the rundown of any issues they found, why there are issues, and how to resolve them. Keep your home safe by ensuring you schedule an inspection with a professional every year.

Speck Family Electric is Here for You

Got some of these tasks on your spring to-do list? If you need help – Speck Family Electric is here to lend a hand. Whether it’s repairing a GFCI outlet, replacing your smoke detectors, or inspecting your home, we are ready to help. Our experienced team takes pride in performing reliable services and getting each job done safely and efficiently. We love being there for our Tennessee neighbors and service those in Sparta, Spencer, Smithville, Pikeville, McMinnville, Lebanon, Crossville, Cookeville, and Baxter.