Hiring an electrician? Before you hire anyone, there are some questions you need to ask to ensure you find the right person for the job. Read on to learn the six questions you need to ask an electrician before hiring.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

If you’re only going to ask one question and forget the rest on this list, let it be this question. Asking to make sure your electrician is licensed and insured should be standard. And while it’s rare your electrician isn’t at the very least licensed or insured, it does happen, and that’s a dangerous game to play with your electrical needs and money. When an electrician has these important pieces in place, it means that all parties involved have the necessary coverage and protection.

To help you understand what these items mean, here’s a little more information:

  • License – It’s crucial to check that the electrician you hire is correctly licensed to do the job you need. Licensing requirements can vary by state, so take the time to verify a license before hiring your electrician.
  • Insurance – Insurance protects your home if something goes wrong during the electrical project or after the work is completed. It also plays an important role if anyone is injured during the course of the work.
What Project Are You Most Familiar With?

You might want to jump right into asking about your project or electrical concern, but you should start by asking what their core services are. Ask specifically what types of electrical work they perform more often or are most familiar with.

While you may be interested in hiring from a company with hundreds of five-star reviews, they may only work on new construction installation projects. Some electricians specialize in smaller residential projects, while others may have more experience in larger commercial jobs. Different electrical problems require different solutions and knowledge. This question can help you choose someone who is suited perfectly for the job and not someone who isn’t specialized in what you need (and who might make a mistake). As a bonus, during this conversation, you can learn more about how long they have been in business and more about their experience.

Can I Get a Cost Estimate?

Pricing for projects can vary from one electrician to another. A cost estimate is a reasonable request, especially when you’re looking around for the person who will be the right fit. Even without a visit to your home, you can ask for the general cost the visit/fix will be.

If you get cost estimates from a few electricians in your area, you can compare prices. Just keep in mind the cheapest isn’t always going to be the best. The key is to look for someone who quotes a competitive but fair price.

What is Your Expected Work Schedule?

For many, working a nine-to-five is a typical work day. But electricians may require more flexibility, especially if they are juggling a few different jobs at a time. When asking questions, make sure you get clarification on their timeline, daily schedule, and delays:

  • Timeline – Ask how long the entire project timeline should take, whether it’s a small project like an outlet installation or a big project like installing a new electrical panel.
  • Daily Schedule – Ask about their general start and stop times they implement each day. Also, ask if you need to be home the entire time they are working.
  • Delays – Get clarity on what happens in case of a delay. Will the contractor work extra evening or weekend hours? Will there be any additional fees involved?
Are Permits Needed?

Depending on the type of job you need to be done, especially if it’s a large project, a permit could be required. You will want to not only verify with an electrician if you’ll need a permit for your project but also ask if they will be taking care of getting the permit for you. Most high-rated electricians will pull required permits themselves as well as schedule inspections when needed, so you don’t have to be doing those things yourself.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

When hiring an electrician, you’ll want to know who exactly will be helping you with your electrical needs. Don’t assume the person you are talking to will be the one that shows up for the job. Sometimes, they might have an apprentice on-site or a journeyman electrician who will work alongside a master. These are not bad or red flags, but you should know who is showing up before finalizing a hire.

Speck Family Electric is Ready to Help

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