Wondering when to get an electrical inspection? Here are five times when a home electrical inspection is a good idea!

Buying or Selling a Home

Buying a home is an exciting process. But don’t get caught up in the excitement by skipping out on an electrical inspection. You need to find out about any hazardous electrical conditions that could be costly to fix once you’ve bought the property. So to ensure your home is safe, have an inspection done before you pay for the home. On the chance you find any defects, you may be able to use that to get a lower price.

If you’re selling, it’s best to get an electrical inspection done to determine what needs to be done to get your electrical system up to date. If you don’t get an inspection done, it could lower the value of your property. The good news is it’s easy to set it up – just call an experienced electrician, and they’ll handle the rest.

For Renovations

It’s best to have your entire electrical system checked out at some point during your home renovation process. You could do it before you start. It’s the perfect time to get in and see what’s going on behind your walls. If something is wrong, you’ll be able to get it fixed right away and not have to halt all renovation progress.

Having an electrical inspection is also a good idea after the work has been completed. Many homeowners make electrical additions in the renovation process, adding to their original electrical constructions. An inspection can let you know if the work was done safely and properly. If it hasn’t, you can get fixes to it quickly before it becomes a hazard.

Living in an Older Home

One of the main reasons to schedule an electrical inspection is if you live in an older home. New homes are considered safer and usually need an electrical inspection after about ten years. Unfortunately, older homes don’t get that luxury and are more at risk.

In older homes, you could be dealing with wiring that could be severely deteriorated, not compatible with today’s tech and appliances, or even wiring that’s obsolete. There also could’ve been DIY attempts to improve original wiring that’s not up to code. If you live in an older home, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to perform an inspection every three years.

You Notice Electrical Problems or Hazards

An electrical inspection is always a good idea if you notice electrical problems or hazards in your home.

If you notice flickering or dimming lights, it could be a sign showing multiple uses of a circuit for another appliance that is being used at the same time. An inspection could help ease your mind and ensure that your appliances are all working as they should.

Heated electrical outlets, a burning smell coming from the fuse box or sockets, and popping or crackling sounds coming from your appliances or electrical devices are all potential hazards that could mean danger. If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s best to get an electrical inspection right away. It’s the only way to know for sure if something problematic is going on and have peace of mind that an electrician will diagnose and fix the problem.

Your Energy Bill has Spiked

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill? If you have, you might want to get an electrical inspection. Not only will an electrician figure out and fix your issue, but having an inspection can lead to a smaller electrical bill each month.

During the inspection of your home, an electrician can tell you if your current electrical system’s inefficiency is costing you money. As mentioned before, this is especially true in older homes. When an electrician finds inefficiencies, they’ll suggest upgrades that will not only cut your monthly electricity spending but help reduce your carbon footprint too. It can pay off to have an electrical inspection done in your home!

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