The leaves are changing and the weather is getting a little chilly, and y’all know what that means: Football season. It’s time to cheer on your alma mater, your favorite NFL team, or fantasy football team in the comfort of your own home. But through all the exciting hubbub of watching football, you might skimp on the safety precautions, and your Sunday night game watching might turn into a bust.

No need to panic, Speck Family Electric has you covered. Here are some household electrical safety tips so you’ll never have to worry about missing a touchdown!

Removing Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Your momma probably told you this when you were young, but a reminder never hurt nobody. Keep your electrical appliances away from the sink!

If you’re trying to watch the game, man the kitchen, listen to Spotify and grab a few beers for you and your friends, it can be easy to lose track of everything. Distractions are bad, especially when water and electricity are involved. One slip up could have the music speaker going into the running sink, and that could lead to severe electrical shock.

Keep your electrical appliances away from water from kickoff to final whistle to avoid any disasters.

Protect Your Game Viewing

Your most important equipment for all of today: the TV you’re watching the game on.

But with our TV’s, computers, phone chargers, fans, lamps, speakers, and everything else, we are pumping more electricity than ever, especially when it’s game day and friends are over. This leaves appliances vulnerable to power surges and that can ruin your game day plans.

Have a Speck Family Electric professionals come to check out your outlets to make sure they aren’t operating on the same circuit and overloading it. Basic electrical safety checks like that can save not only your valuable electronic but also important game day viewing.

Hold Your Horses and Watch Your Food

This is it: your team is in the red zone. They’re trailing by four, late in the 4th quarter. There is no way you’re missing this!

Except you better hold your horses if you’re cooking food. Getting wrapped up in the game is great, but having your food go up in flames is not. Don’t let your house fill with smoke because you were too busy watching the game.

Check your batteries in your smoke alarm and check them once a month. Accidents can happen, so best to be prepared just in case!

Fixin’ to Move the Electrical Cords

Simple enough: don’t place electrical cords in high traffic areas. As the beer begins to disappear out of the cooler, you might forget a cord is laying right next to the couch. Next thing you know, you trip on the cord and injury yourself, someone else, or spill a drink on some electronics!

Also, never plug an extension cord into another extension cord. This can lead to overheating the cord by overloading it, creating a serious fire hazard. Practice household electrical safety by resisting the temptation to plug extension cords together, and just buy longer extension cords.

Speck Will Have You Game Day Ready

These tips will ensure you watch the game safely from kick-off to final whistle. However, if these tips have raised any questions or you notice you need household electrical repairs, Speck Family Electric is here to lend a hand. Call Speck Family Electric and our professional electricians will have you game day ready in no time!

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