Ready to make your work-from-home office the best it can be and boost your productivity? Here are a few six electrical installations you may want to consider to improve your home office setup.

Upgraded Lighting

Lighting might not be something you consider to be critically important to your work-from-home experience, but it does have an impact on your work. The right lighting can help create a productive home office environment. While you need good lighting for meetings, the ambiance of the room can affect how productive you are and how well you feel when working. Dim lighting can strain your eyes and potentially lead to headaches. Insufficient light can cause a lack of focus and drowsiness. Sufficient lighting is an important factor you should consider for your work-from-home success.

For your office, be sure to include elements like overhead lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. Having all three will come in handy for a wide range of activities from video calls to completing assignments.

Smart Outlets

Adding extra outlets is always a good upgrade for any home office. But relying only on traditional outlets may result in a more clunky, unproductive space. The solution? Smart outlets.

Smart outlets can send and receive signals through your Wi-Fi, thus automating your electrical devices. For example, you can set schedules to turn on and off certain outlets that control a group of devices in your office. You can also set up voice-enabled commands to control connected devices without getting up from your chair. For example, if you need brighter lighting for a video meeting, you can simply say the command into your voice assistant app (or out loud to your virtual assistant technology, like an Alexa speaker). Not to mention, smart outlets can also save you on utility consumption.

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Many people don’t tend to think about their computer circuit until they experience an issue. If you’re in a home more than ten years old, they’re not always equipped to handle all our current devices. As a result, when you plug in all your electronic devices in your office setup, you could be at risk of overloading the current circuit. When circuits trip, sensitive electronics (like your computer) can be damaged and valuable work can be lost.

Circuit breakers serve as a level of protection, but it’s not always a guarantee. Installing a dedicated circuit for your home office is the best way to protect your electronics, your work, and keep everything running smoothly.

Hard-wired Connection

Whether you’re a completely remote worker or just work some days at home, you need your internet access to never experience issues. Especially if most of your days are consumed with virtual meetings. But poor videoconference quality isn’t the only issue that comes with bad Wi-Fi connection. You’ll also likely deal with overload from multiple devices, delays, and decreased security.

A hard-wired internet connection is a simple solution to all these problems and will make your internet service much more reliable. With a hard-wired connection, you’ll have better connectivity, the ability to add multiple devices with no issues, and a connection that is much more secure.

Surge Protection

This is one of the electrical installations you may need the most for your office. With all your essential computers and devices, you want to protect them from sudden electrical surges that can occur inside your home, on the power grid, or from electrical storms. To avoid any mishaps to your investments, get a whole house protector installed directly into your electrical panel.  A whole house surge protector will offer far better protection than an outlet surge strip, and you’ll get the bonus of protecting all the electronics in your home, not just your office!

Upgraded Electrical Panel

Electrical panels route electric current from the main supply into your home. Most houses only have one panel, and while that works for many, it could cause issues to your home office productivity (especially if you want to add other electrical installations). Upgrading your electric panel may be necessary to prevent undue strain on your electrical system. This is even more important if your home’s electrical panel is more than 10 or 15 years old. Call in a professional electrician to make sure the electrical panel upgrade will suit your needs and be installed correctly.

Meeting Your Work from Home Needs

Adding electrical installations to your home office can make a big impact on your productivity. Whether you need to upgrade your panel or install new outlets in your office, Speck Family Electric is here to help. We’re ready to upgrade your home office when you are! We service those in Sparta, Chattanooga, Cookeville, Crossville, Gallatin, Lebanon, McMinnville, Mount Juliet, Murfreesboro, and Smithville.