Looking for ways to increase your home value? How about making some electrical upgrades? Here are six electrical upgrades that can make your home more valuable, energy-efficient, and safe – things that will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Upgrade Electrical Panel

For older homes, this is definitely the electrical upgrade you’ll want to make to increase your home value.

As technology advances, our need for electricity to power new tools, toys, and gadgets increases seemingly every year. Potential buyers want to make sure they can run new appliances if they buy your home. And if your home is older, your panel might struggle to keep up with increasing power needs.

Not only will an upgraded electrical panel increase your home’s energy output, but it will also:

  • Accommodate potential buyers possibly adding extensions, additional rooms, and other remodeling projects
  • Indicates the home is well maintained, signaling the buyer that the home they are purchasing is highly valued
  • Could lower insurance premiums
  • Contribute to energy efficiency

Just make sure if you go through with this upgrade, you call in a professional electrician. Upgrading an electrical panel is no easy task. If you try to do it yourself, you can wind up being injured, severely shocked, or worse.

New Outlets and Switch Covers

Old, damaged, and worn-out outlets and light switches aren’t just eye sores. They can also impact the functionality of your home.

Outlets are something that will be constantly used. And just like with anything constantly being used, wear and tear will appear over time. For example, outlets will eventually lose their grip on plugs, which could lead to wire damage. Above all: old and worn outlets and switch covers can downgrade your home value.

By upgrading these around your home, you’ll improve the value and ensure your home is fit to keep up with the constant demands of today’s tech.

More Energy-Efficient Lighting

A beautifully decorated and well-lit space can definitely make your home more appealing to buyers. But if you’re going to be upgrading lighting, make sure you’re making energy-efficient choices.

More and more people are switching to LED lighting because they can save energy costs and last longer. In fact, LED lighting lasts around five times longer than halogen bulbs. These are certainly attractive aspects to homeowners because, at the end of the day, LED lighting will save them money in more ways than one.

Adding a Whole Home Generator

It’s not the most glamorous electrical upgrade, but it is certainly a practical, worthwhile one.

Like an insurance policy, a whole home generator is something you don’t want to use, but when the power goes out, you’re extremely glad you have it. And at some point, the home’s power will go out. If you can advertise that your home comes with a pre-installed whole-home generator, you’ll garner a lot of interest and increase the home value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, it always makes sense to do things to improve it, and adding a generator is certainly one way to do that.

Update Electrical Wiring

If your home is old, it’s likely a good idea to make sure your home’s electrical wiring is up to date since it’ll be examined during the inspection. If the inspector finds the old or faulty wiring, a potential buyer could pull out at the last minute.

This will be an expensive upgrade, especially if your home’s wiring hasn’t been touched in a long time. However, you’ll likely be able to recoup that investment during the sale. After all, a home with brand-spankin’ new electrical wiring is quite valuable as it increases safety and enhances the reliability and functionality of the house.

Add Smart Home Tech

Our lives revolve around many different types of tech. So, including smart home devices is a smart way to impact how potential buyers view your home.

That’s because tech like smart thermostats and lighting can impress potential buyers with their ease of use and automated features. Especially with smart home devices like camera doorbells and smart locks, they can provide peace of mind to potential buyers with those increased security features. These upgrades are also sought after because they save energy in the long run. Even if you aren’t selling your home, these upgrades will make your daily life easier, keep power consumption down, and keep your family and property safe.

Speck Family Electric is Ready to Upgrade Your Home

Whether you implement one or several of these electrical upgrades, you can increase your home’s resale value and appeal to potential buyers. But no matter what: ensure these upgrades are done by a professional electrician to ensure safety standards and codes are met.

If you’re looking for an electrician to help you upgrade your home, Speck Family Electric is here to lend a hand. We promise to complete the job with your safety and the safety of your home in mind. After all, our experienced team takes pride in performing reliable services and getting each job done safely and efficiently. We service those in Sparta, Spencer, Smithville, Pikeville, McMinnville, Lebanon, Crossville, Cookeville, and Baxter.